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Designed by Michael Reynolds from Earthship Biotecture - This is the first autonomous primary school to be built in the Island la Gonave, Haiti. The design is adapted for tropical climate and will be built mostly out of natural & recycled materials. Earthship Biotecture will offer a four week academy program where local & international students will join to learn how to build self sufficient structures. 

Designed by:Earthship Biotecture

Illustrated by:Biotonomy


Beib El Chouf is the first self-sustainable culture center in Lebanon. Located in the valleys of the Chouf between the villages of Bsheftin and Kfarfakoud. This center will be used to promote and educate practical sustainable solutions. The design is adapted to Lebanese climate and culture. Built mostly with natural & recycled materials, this building provides a natural heating & cooling system, fresh water production, food production, sewage treatment & electricity production. 


Designed & Illustrated by:Biotonomy


In September 2017, Hurricane Maria caused catastrophic damage and a major humanitarian crisis on the island of Puerto Rico. The community center will be used to train local people how to build autonomous houses. The design is based on five huts that are placed in a circle with a common courtyard in the center. This is a low cost autonomous solution for tropical climates.

Designed by:Earthship Biotecture

Illustrated by:Biotonomy

The first radically sustainable building of its kind in Manhattan, New York. The design has been optimized for its site, rising high like a "sunflower" to elevate it to the proper height for solar gain and energy/water harvest. Designed to be a totally self sufficient, this building will naturally heat & cool itself, collect & filter its own water, produce electricity with wind and solar power, treat its own sewage with contained botanical systems and produce food all year around.


Designed by:Earthship Biotecture

Illustrated by:Biotonomy

In the heart of Beirut, on the municipal land, this Eco Cafe is the first autonomous building that produces its own water & power and maintains 21 degrees (celsius) inside all year around, treats its own sewage on site and produces its own fruits and vegetables. Designed with traditional Lebanese materials and modern systems this building is completely off-grid with no utility costs. Apart from the Cafe there is also a music studio and scene for live performance. 

Designed & Illustrated by:


The first self sufficient Biosphere & Starlight Reserve, located in one of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. This building is designed as a two story visitor center with a roof terrace for stargazing and interior spaces for art gallery, conferences, office, education facilities and a wide greenhouse that includes a Aqua Botanical system with food production.   

Designed by:Earthship Biotecture

Illustrated by:Biotonomy

This model is inspired by traditional Lebanese architecture. The front structural pillars are made out of local stones from mount Lebanon. The pillars hold the main structural wood beam floating above the greenhouse. The inside rooms are divided to 3 rooms with traditional stone arced roof from inside and green grass roof from the outside. The 3 rooms are connected with a south facing greenhouse. This 150 square meters autonomous building operates completely off grid in a 2000 m altitude. 

Designed & Illustrated by: BIOTONOMY 

The first self sufficient Eco Tourism Island in Indonesia,located near Sumbawa. The Island is designed to demonstrate a new kind of human development in harmony with the environment with no use of fossil fuel.


The Island is designed for 45 self- sufficient villas for rentals, a visitor center, restaurants and other commercial buildings.


Designed by:Earthship Biotecture

Illustrated by:Biotonomy

The first permitted autonomous design in Scandinavia. This building is adapted to Scandinavian climate, with long winters and low amount of sun hours. The double greenhouse creates two different micro climates thats helps the building to stay 21 degrees all year around without any external heating. 

Designed & Illustrated by:Biotonomy 

Autonomous bungalow design for tropical resorts. This 3 unit bungalow design has a tropical jungle in the center - A courtyard where all the grey water is treated with fruit trees. The toilets, showers, kitchen and lounge are are all placed outside in the shaded jungle while the bedroom inside provides 21 degrees naturally without any external cooling system.

Designed by: Earthship Biotecture

Illustrated by :Biotonomy