Biotonomy is a holistic & nature-based approach for buildings & cities to address the climate and biodiversity emergency. We provide groundbreaking and nature-based design principles that go beyond passive & green-building certification standards. Together with our international network, we work to accelerate the transformation to autonomous development with nature-based solutions. This transformation is one of the most important steps in our evolution to become sustainable inhabitants of this planet. Our mission is to help make buildings and cities become a force for restoring the natural world. Our design principles can help to:


1 - Eliminate carbon emissions during the operation phase.

2 - Reduce operating cost with more than 95 % 

3 - Minimize the energy consumption for heating & cooling up to 100%.

4 - Decrease water consumption up to 75 %

5 - Reuse wastewater for indoor food production & restoring ecosystems 

6 - Provide organic food & clean water security 

Biotonomy offers design, construction & consultation services for both ground-up projects & for reforming existing buildings & cities with autonomous solutions. We work with both private clients and companies around the world. Biotonomy also provides seminars & workshops for those who like to educate their community or organization about autonomous developement with nature-based solutions. 

Send your inquiry to info@biotonomy.com today & find out how we can help you! 

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