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Biotonomy is a Architectural & Engineering company that designs and builds Autonomous buildings all over the world. 


Our goal is to develop buildings which work ultimately for the wellbeing of the Biological world & for human Autonomy.  

Autonomous buildings are buildings that operate independently from infrastructural support services. Through its interaction with the environment it will produce & manage all the necessities you need to live a comfortable life on earth - without harming the wellbeing of nature. This is achieved by combining ancient building techniques with modern technologies. Each building is customized & adapted to its specific climate, and will function all year around without relying on any external input - which means zero to minimal utility costs. 

We offers design, construction & consultation services for both ground up buildings & for reforming existing buildings with autonomous solutions. We work with both private clients and companies. Biotonomy also provides seminars & education programs for those who like to learn more about autonomous buildings. 

Send your inquiry to info@biotonomy.com today and find out how we can help you with your project.