Biotonomy is an architectural & engineering company that designs and builds autonomous buildings inspired by the natural world. 

Autonomous buildings are self-operating buildings that are capable of generating its own electricity, processing its own sewage, producing its own water, growing its own food and maintaining comfortable temperatures naturally without relying on infrastructural support services. This is achieved by combining ancient & modern building techniques. Each building is designed & adapted to its specific climate, and will function all year around with zero to minimal utility costs. Red more about our autonomous system here.  


Our goal is to provide the world with solutions that will enhance the wellbeing of the ecological system and help people to become self reliant.

Biotonomy offers design, construction & consultation services for both ground up buildings & for reforming existing buildings with autonomous solutions. We work with both private clients and companies around the world. Biotonomy also provides seminars & education programs for those who like to inform their community about autonomous living. 

Send your inquiry to info@biotonomy.com today & find out how we can help you! 

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