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Humanity stands at a precipitous moment in our and our planet's evolution. We are caught in a climate & biodiversity crisis brought on by our supposed advancement as a civilization.

The misunderstanding that we live on Earth and not inside of it and that our intellect is based on individualism can explain our destructive behavior in many ways. When looking at Ancient civilizations, we can see that they lived and built their civilizations based on the understanding that life happens inside the body of Earth and operates based on holistic intelligence.

One of the fundamental differences is that the Ancient people did not see the Earth's atmosphere (energy field) separate from its body. They considered it an integral part of the body of the Earth. In fact, through their sacred science, they discovered that life happens deep inside the Earth based on the findings that the Earth's energy field extends over thousands of kilometers from its physical body. Their science also proved that the Earth's energy fields are interconnected with all life.

The ancients recognized the relationship between life on Earth and its energy fields as planetary intelligence. In the same way, the planet has an energy field, and so does the human body. The energy field is an extension of our physical body and is recognized by modern science as an electromagnetic field.

Intelligence tends to be conceived of as something that happens in individual heads. However, there are many examples of collective intelligence in the natural world. For instance, colonies of bees show a collective and often superior intelligence than the individuals that form them. A single bee holds only a tiny amount of information about the world, but its colony as a whole knows and responds to the environment.

Recent research about fungal networks, known as mycorrhizal networks, that share water and nutrients between individual trees in forests also reveals a form of collective intelligence. Such fungal networks allow forests stretching hundreds of miles to recognize and respond to changing conditions.

Understanding that we actually live inside the body of Earth and are part of a collective planetary intelligence will significantly impact how we live and build our civilizations. Ancient civilizations were so aware of the relationship between life, the planet, and the cosmos that they created megalithic structures that could interact between the different levels of energy fields.

The powers of Nature that we use today in the form of electricity, magnetism, and gravity work mainly on a physical level. The ancients, however, worked with the powers of Nature in their holistic form affecting physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Ancient architects were viewed as 'sculptures of spaces' because of their ability to integrate buildings into the Earth's energy field. What might seem to be miracles to us today were, to the ancients, applications of their sacred Ancient Sciences. In the same way, a smartphone would seem like a miracle to them or anyone unfamiliar with our type of power or energy (electricity). The difference is the type of power used.

Unless we see through their perception of reality, we cannot understand the knowledge of Ancient Civilizations. From their perspective, we can learn that energy is conscious, aware, and has wisdom.

Understanding the forces of Earth's energy fields, both in terms of intelligence and energy, is fundamental if we want humanity to live for a long time. It is time to start understanding the power of thriving as one collective planet and intelligence.

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