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Biotonomy - Ambassador for the World's largest platform of Nature Based enterprises

We are thrilled to announce that Biotonomy has been selected as the new ambassador for the Green Building community on the world's largest platform of nature-based enterprises, the Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform (CNEP).

Three years ago, Biotonomy arrived in Malaga with the objective of establishing itself in this wonderful and dynamic city. To do so, one of the main priorities has always been to connect with like-minded organizations and collaborate on innovative projects locally. We scoured the internet for any leads and stumbled upon the Connecting Nature project, an ambitious initiative that aims to position Europe as a global leader in the innovation and implementation of SBN.

As we delved deeper, we discovered the Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform (CNEP), the world’s largest community of nature-based enterprises with over 2500 members. The platform is open for all and there is no registration fee. The CNEP is basically a forum that enables Nature Based Enterprises to connect, learn, and collaborate with each other. Without hesitation, we signed up and dove into the platform.

During one of the networking events organized by CNEP, we met Bioazul, a Malaga-based company specializing in eco-innovative and sustainable solutions for the treatment and reuse of water. Together, with funding from the Metabuilding project, we designed and constructed an innovative hydroponic vertical garden that utilizes the wastewater from the building for irrigation. The project was completed in summer 2022, and it was a resounding success in one of Malaga's central neighborhoods, helping to establish our reputation in the city.

Thanks to the project's success, Biotonomy is now collaborating with the City Council of Malaga, the University of Malaga, Impact Hub and others on a public-private partnership project to accelerate the construction of hydroponic vertical gardens throughout the city. This initiative aims to promote the socioeconomic development of the city's neighborhoods, adapt them to climate change, and improve the well-being of their citizens.

Just a few weeks ago, the CNEP team contacted us with an exciting opportunity to become ambassadors of the "Green Buildings" community. As the new platform Ambassadors, our role is to organize regular webinars and activities, develop Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses to keep everyone connected & up to date and encourage networking and collaboration between members. We are thrilled and determined to give back to the platform that has given us so much, by supporting other companies and institutions working with NBS and helping the platform grow and assist more fellow enterprises.

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Biotonomy and the rest of the NBS community. Our journey has been an exciting and rewarding one, and we look forward to continuing our mission of creating a systematic transformation in the development industry by transitioning from Human Based Development to Nature Based Development.

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