Life is designed differently everywhere on Earth - Trees in warm climates have different shape than trees in cold climates. This is simply because all life on earth has been designed specifically to interact with its surrounding environment & climate. In the natural world shape is used to influence movement and to maintain constant interactions within its ecosystem. Only when the geometry of our buildings are aligned with the logic of nature will they function as living organisms and become part of the great ecosystem that we call Earth. 


Our design phase is about finding the ultimate form that links the building with the physical components of nature. Therefore the movement of the sun, the flow of water & air and the soil are the primarily elements that we study when designing our buildings. By aligning the geometry with the physical components of nature we make sure the building is naturally heating & cooling itself and producing its own water. With the use of biology we design a food production- & waste water system that produces food all year around & treats all its waste water naturally with plants. Our buildings are also designed with an integrated solar & wind power system that produces electricity all year around for appliances & lights.


To create more harmony and less tension in our structures we choose to apply more natural shapes that are able to distribute loads with minimal friction. Arc roofs are for example a shape that uses gravity to create its strength, compered to flat roofs that are constantly under tension from fighting gravity. The less tension a building is exposed to the more feeling of harmony will be experienced in the building and the longer the structure will last.



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