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Join us on July 3 - 28, 2023 in Austria, Europe


The Biotonomy Academy in Austria is a four-week program that offers education on Nature Based Architecture, Construction, and philosophy. Led by experienced builders, engineers, and architects, the program provides hands-on experience and theoretical classes on how Nature Based solutions are integrated into construction projects. The curriculum is designed to empower participants to develop an autonomous lifestyle and contribute to building a better world. 

Level: Step 1 Academy

Type: Hands-on & Theoretical Classes 

Date: 3 July - 28 July 2023

Speed: 6 days a week 

Price: 2260 Euros (Including Food & Accommodation)


To ensure a high-quality learning experience, we limit the number of participants for this project; we have reserved only 20 spots, so don't miss out on this opportunity and secure your spot today!

The Design & The building

The building will be used as an Educational Center for Permaculture. The design is inspired by an Earthship Global model but adapted to the Austrian climate, culture, and resources.  The Building is designed to be autonomous (self-sufficient) in terms of heating, cooling, water, electricity, waste-water management, and food production. We will be using a combination of both natural and recycled materials for building the structure.

You will be learning the following design & construction methods during your Academy:

- Natural Heating & Cooling

- Natural Ventilation System

- Water Harvesting System

- Solar power for electricity & Hot Water

- Biological waste-water treatment, 

- Automatic water-recycling system 

- Food production system

- Green roof and facades

- Building with Natural & Recycled Materials

Moein Academy Edited low temp.png

Architecture Design

Japan Academy-1.png

Master Classes


Construction Techniques

The Land & Location

The building will be built on a 5-hectare permaculture farm that sits 700 meters above sea level. The land has been transformed from an abandoned farm into a beautiful permaculture farm in just a few years. The farm is located just 10 minutes from Feldkirchen in Carinthia, on the south side of Wachsenberg in Austria. Wachsenberg is a beautiful village situated in the south of Austria, surrounded by lush green hills and magnificent mountains. The village is known for its picturesque landscape, fresh air, and tranquil ambiance, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers and those seeking some peace and quiet. You will have the opportunity to enjoy some traditional cuisine, marvel at the breathtaking landscapes, and immerse yourself in the historic towns and traditional architecture. 


Stunning Nature

licensed-image (1).png

Breathtaking lakes


Traditional Architecture


Accommodation is included in the price, and is located just a 15-minute walk away from the construction site. The student accommodation is situated in a calm and beautiful location surrounded by nature. The building is designed with traditional Austrian architecture and was previously served as a school. Accommodation arrangements will comprise of shared rooms. You will need to bring your own portable/air mattress & sleeping bag. For those interested in private accommodation, camping on the permaculture farm will also be an option. The student accommodation also includes showers and WC.

Food & Diets

The price includes three meals a day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can choose between vegetarian, vegan, or meat options based on your preference. If you have any food allergies or special dietary needs, please let us know when filling out the sign-up form. We'll make sure to prepare meals that meet your needs so that you can enjoy your stay without any worries.


The total cost of the Academy is 2260 Euros, which covers accommodation and three meals per day for four weeks. To secure your spot, a deposit of 500 Euros is required upon registration. An invoice for the deposit will be sent to you once you sign up. The remaining balance must be paid 8 weeks before the Academy starts, and we will provide you with an invoice for that as well. 


Would you like to learn more about the different classes this Academy session offers? Then please download the curriculum and get detailed information about the courses, modules, and exercises that this 4-week program includes.

Facade Austria 2023.03.06.png


To ensure a high-quality learning experience, we limit the number of participants for this project; we have reserved only 20 spots, so don't miss out on this opportunity and secure your spot today!

More Information

If you have any questions regarding the Academy, please feel free to get in touch with us at Our team will be happy to assist you with all the information you need. 

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